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As with any fishing tackle shop the bait being supplied is of the upmost importance, this is why we stock ONLY that which we have the upmost confidence in. From controlled delivery date of our live bait such as maggots, pinkies and squatts and turning our own catsters at certain times of the year to meet relevant champion match angling demands to scrutinising each and every boilie company, pellet producer, groundbait, particle and additive option available to us rest assured you will get nothing but quality.

Live Bait

Consistent, persistent top quality bait is a must. This is why we have cultivated our relationship with the best bait producers available to us and will continue to do so for the foreseable future. There is no compromise when it comes to quality.

Maggots, Pinkies, Squatts, Casters and Worms are always available.